Symbol flat is an authentic apartment for rent in Moscow. The project was created in collaboration with the MANU Bureau (Ksenia Vaucheskaya and Valentina Gracheva )
The apartment was designed to be a rental property, so we were faced with the task of making the project within a limited budget. Furthermore, the design had to make a strong impression on potential tenants. The source of inspiration for us were the images of southern villas, ascetic and cozy at the same time.
The developer of the building has provided a good solution, so a complete redevelopment was not needed. At the beginning of the project, we came up with the idea of rounding the corners in some parts of the apartment, which added more softness to the geometry of the space.
To save the budget, we designed niches for standard wardrobes in the bedrooms draping the space above them with velvet curtains. As a result, we managed to transform the disadvantages of a limited budget into the highlight of our project. Having an average footage, the space turned out to be well planned and authentic.
The basis of the interior is a decorative beige plaster passing from the walls to the ceiling. The uneven texture of the material creates a perfect background for décor and furniture. The apartment is furnished with wooden tables and chairs, textured armchairs and textiles. The combination of the matte and glossy textures refreshes the calm finish.
In this project, we were giving a preference to young Russian designers and artists who are very competitive at the international level. The fluffy armchair in the living room is made by Manual mode, the laconic metal dining chairs are made by Delo design. A special place is given to the painting by Tima Illarionov.
The master bedroom features a capsule collection of mirrors of Manubureau's own production.
THE MIRROR N/o1 is consists of a small stainless steel mirror surface and a brushed stainless-steel frame. THE MIRROR N/o2 is a small stainless steel table mirror with a candy lilac epoxy resin base.