The Digital Furniture Collection - VINYL is an experimental project, which aimed to redefine an idea of physical and digital space.
The collection is driven by the study of physical properties in a virtual interpretation. Our interest in fashion and photography is fully reflected in this project - the main subject of the collection is vinyl fabric in its context manner. Realistic renders are made in the style of magazines, with attention to the textures, colors, and multiple sources of light.

For the collection were selected simple objects of furniture: chair, armchair, sofa, and floor lamp.
/ sofa /
draped sofa
made of leather
vinyl textile
/ armchair /
draped armchair
made of leather
vinyl textile
/ chair /
linear metal
chair with soft
vinyl seat
/ floor lamp /
metal sliding
floor lamp on
high legs
We believe a combination of virtual tools with artistic directions creates an interesting field of opportunities to experience.
An artistic shooting, in collaboration with Milan-based photographer Edward Scheller, interprets the concept of the vinyl collection into a street-style environment.